jeudi 6 octobre 2016

Pocket Letters

I met Marie Friant from Belgium via Instagram. She opened me up to Pocket Letters last Spring and we decided to send each other some PL. My first one was on holidays theme (we just came back from Spain, it was easy!)


  a closer look...

Then, a few weeks later, she sent me hers (always on holidays!):

But when Marie sends you something, everything is a gift! Have a look:

  I also received some tea, some embellishments,

some stamps and a pen! Wow!

So sweet Marie! Thank you so much!

The next PL I sent Marie was on something I make very often: cooking!
I sent her my best Summer recipes (they are not my creations but I added my touch...). In this PL, I also could use the mini flairs Marie sent me and some embellishments too!

 a closer look...

this is my last PL (September 2016) for my own collection!

Any question? Feel free to contact me!
See you!

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