mercredi 26 octobre 2016

"Just You"

"Just You" is the title I gave to this new scrapbooking page featuring some Toga paperpad "Bohême" (it's quite an old paperpad but still using it!). I also used here a mini flair "the story" from Feed Your Craft (they are all so nice and creative!) I don't sell the mini flairs but I just wanted to say they are all so well finished (behind each mini flair there is a foam tape you just have to peel it off and it's ready to glue! Perfect!)

"Just You" est le titre que j'ai donné à cette nouvelle page de scrap. J'ai ici utilisé un bloc papier "Bohême" de chez Toga ainsi qu'un badge de chez Feed Your Craft "the story". Je ne vends pas ces badges mais je peux vous dire qu'ils sont super bien finis : en effet, derrière chaque badge (ce qui n'est pas le cas chez toutes les marques), il y a une mousse auto-collante qui permet de coller directement le badge (bref, ils sont prêts à l'emploi) ! Parfait !
Vous pouvez trouver ces superbes collections de "mini flairs" chez Marie Friant (elle est sur Facebook et sur Instagram).

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jeudi 6 octobre 2016

New blog!

I've decided to create this blog to show you my cards, my scrap pages... all these little things I can make with paper!

I needed a new blog too because next month, November, will also be the start of a "new something". 

I'm honored to announce I'll be a part of the Sketches In Thyme team.
First of all, I must thank Kimberly Branham Sparks who gives me this opportunity and Marie Friant who helped me a lot in many ways!

See you!

"Thank you" Cards

Birthday Cards

A quick look to my birthday cards!





  These 2 go together...





"Hello" Cards

Cards to say... "Love you!"

Halloween Cards

First card for Halloween 2016! Need to create more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Paper Craft - A paper bag for Mother's Day!

This is what we created for Mother's day in 2014!
It is not my idea, I found it on the web!

Isn't it a good idea? We added a chocolate inside!
Some of my pupils decided to keep the mini bag for themselves! But I'm sure they offered something else to their mom!
See you!

Mini Albums

I don't make mini albums very often... Actually, I think I created only 2!
The first one was for my oldest niece Salomé (12 at that time)... She loves nature and animals so I tried to follow this idea to create her album!

The second album was for my other niece, Léonie (fortunatly, I've got only 2... nieces! LOL!)
She just came back from London so I choose this theme to create my mini!

Do not hesitate to send me a message if you want to!
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